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Tag your 5v5 squad🤙🏼⚽️ This game lasted 1 min 30sec haha Nothing crazy but we took that 3pts Ft:@vicfreestyle @lilgabefreestyles @juantimefreestyle @ebubekir_tas_
Train insane or remain the same... but also potentially break yo neck🤣 Follow my “Break Yo Neck”⚽️ training series now‼️(link in bio) Tag someone who’d try this & eat it🤣 🎥:@vicfreestyle Ft:@juantimefreestyle @lilgabefreestyles @newyorkredbulls
How I train for soccer tennis😅⚽️🎾 Ft: @captain_hype @jlw_mcmxciv 🎥:@sean_dove
Wait... is @vicfreestyle ready?? Tuning up for next season with some cycling header challenges Bin shot challenges are an awesome part of our shows @newyorkredbulls!!! Anyone you tag has to shower in RedBull😅 Ft: @lilgabefreestyles @juantimefreestyle @ebubekir_tas_
Skillin with @mehdi_mahfad I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, the ball connects us⚽️ let’s jam 🤙🏼
Really happy with this move! One of the most creative things I've ever done! It's a Kash Front Bomb, or a Kong Front to Dash Bomb. I got the idea a few weeks ago, and was inspired to try it after seeing @calen_chan's Frontflip to Dash Bomb. This setup was pretty shit, but I might try to actually land this if I ever find a better setup 😆 #parkour #freerunning #movement #flip #worldsfirst ? #probablynot #kashfront #dashbomb #kashfrontbomb #farangclothing #gopro #goprohero #goprohero4silver #FTtricks #reeee
Challenged to a game of @futpong by @mehdi_mahfad - he said anytime anywhere, so of course I accepted & took it to another level!😅⚽️🏓🏙 ⬇️Tag someone to challenge them⬇️ Get free shipping on your @futpong, perfect soccer holiday gift!(link in bio)
Surfeando de noche
BEST TEAM COMBO 2017‼️😱🤪 Always have the best time with these guys🤣 The advice I give to anyone new who performs with us is always this - “The more fun you’re having, the more fun everyone else will have. So just enjoy it!” Who’s someone you always have fun with???? ❗️Shoutout to @magic_takers- giveaway winner❗️ 🎥:@vicfreestyle Ft:@juantimefreestyle @ebubekir_tas_ @newyorkredbulls